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Volunteering... benefits to you

Volunteering gives you the opportunity to actively contribute to your community, while helping others and yourself. Some do it to meet new people, learn new skills, add to their CV, help other people, make good use of their spare time, take on new challenges, or use their skills and experience in a positive way.

Volunteering at GIFSA gives you the opportunity to:

  • learn new skills
  • share existing skills, knowledge and experience
  • become involved in a meaningful community service
  • gain work experience
  • develop a new perspective and attitude to people with a disability
  • meet new challenges
  • have support and education
  • develop networks
  • Have fun and share experiences.

Our volunteers play an important part in the lives people living with disabilities by connecting with people to exchange ideas, develop friendships, and learn new skills and work experience. Working with people with a disability also provides opportunities to learn and gain a different perspective and knowledge from people living with disability.

Visit Volunteering WA’s website on to access additional information about the rights and responsibilities as a volunteer: http://www.volunteeringwa.org.au/Home.aspx. Alternatively contact the Kalgoorlie Boulder Volunteer Centre on (08) 9022 3197.

If you are interested in volunteering with GIFSA, contact the HR Officer on 9091 4356.

Rights and Responsibilities... what you can expect

Individuals, families and their supporters have the right to:

  • Maintain personal independence, choice and responsibility for all their actions;
  • Request to change their support worker;
  • Be provided with quality care and to have their confidentiality maintained;
  • Ask for the type of care they require;
  • Have an explanation of all fees charged and payable;
  • Obtain information on any other relevant resources;
  • Access to an external, independent grievance mechanism;
  • A smoke free environment;
  • A reasonable response time to requests for care;
  • Provide feedback to the coordinator at any time.

Individuals, families and their supporters have responsibility to:

Communicate with staff any changes in their needs;

  • Respect the rights of the support worker;
  • Provide feedback about care provided;
  • Provide support workers with appropriate care information at the start of care;
  • Collect care information from support workers at the end of care.

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